July 14, 2012

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We Sell Batteries


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We’re not your typical repair shop and this isn’t your typical auto repair website.

We’re focused on providing unbelievable value, while being upfront and honest with you at all times.

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And yes… we will happily check your “Service Engine Soon” light, ABS light, and SRS (Air Bag) light for free.

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Are your headlights hazy, cloudy, and yellow?

Are your headlights dimmer at night because of it? (They most likely are, which is of course, dangerous!)

We now offer a headlight restoration service that will restore your plastic headlights to a like-new condition!

We can restore your headlights to a like-new condition!

An actual customer’s headlights!

We sand and polish your headlights, removing the cloudy, yellow film. We then seal them to keep them looking their best.

Our service carries a two year warranty against hazing and yellowing.

Call us today to schedule an appointment!


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Just Peachy!


Cars today are safer than ever. Even the cheapest cars can come equipped with anti-lock brakes, vehicle stability control, electronic brake distribution, brake force detection, traction control, all-wheel drive; the list can go on and on.

Unfortunately, no electronic wizardry can overcome the most important factor in the determining the safety of your vehicle.

Because its the only thing actually touching the road, your tires are unbelievably important.

So before you head out into a wintry mess, check your tires.

Here’s a quick visual guide to help you determine when its time to replace your tires.

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Cabin Air Filters

Cabin air filters clean the air that enters the inside of your vehicle. It traps allergens, dirt, debris, and bugs from getting sucked into your heating and air conditioning system and eventually breathed in by you.

Just so you know, if you’re driving a really old vehicle you’re probably breathing in the airborne pieces of disintegrated bugs.

Since the mid to late 90′s however, manufacturers started installing these air filters to keep you from doing that very thing.

That’s created another problem.

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Check Your Battery

The battery is the heart of your vehicle. Without a clean ample supply of electricity, your vehicle does nothing.

Unfortunately, batteries are often only checked when the car doesn’t start. You pull the jumper cables out, wait for the guy parked next to you to come out, jump the vehicle, and head for the auto parts store.

Car Breakdown

But sometimes the car doesn’t start when its late at night. Other times its raining or its really cold or its ridiculously hot.

By taking a few minutes every 3 months (or every season change) to check your battery, you can prevent getting stranded.

Stranded like the poor guy in the picture.

Here are 3 tips to make sure you keep your battery happy and healthy.

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By Don O'Brien

Forget the electric car.

They’ve been running around since the 1890′s.

The all-digital, fully customized gauge cluster in the new Cadillac XTS?

It’s been around since the late 80′s! Here’s a proud owner showing off his 1990 Buick Riviera’s digital gauge cluster (Click here).

What I’m talking about is practical car technology.

Car technology we can put to use immediately. Car technology that makes our lives better. Does anyone really care that they can change the lay out of their gauge cluster?

The only time some people even look down at their gauges is when they see a police officer with a radar gun on the side of the road.

Instead, I propose these 3 features be added to every new car. It only takes some foresight and courage from one manufacturer to make this happen. Everyone else will follow suit.

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