Our Brake Jobs Are Complete

The intention of a proper brake service is to restore them back to factory condition. This involves doing more than just putting on new brake pads.

Even if your brake pad wear is normal, a good brake service should be thorough enough to address several areas of the entire system. This includes the replacement of your rotors, flushing out old brake fluid, cleaning or replacing the brake hardware, and lubricating all of the moving parts.

Ensuring the entire brake system has been restored to the level it was at when the car rolled off the show room floor will give you years of safe, worry-free braking.

Why Restore The Brake System to A Like-New Condition?

Restoring the brake system is one of the most important repairs you can have done on your vehicle. It can’t be ignored because if its neglected for too long, your vehicle won’t stop. Accidents and lawsuits usually follow. Also, not stopping tends to get noticed. The high pitched screech of a brake pad wear indicator touching a moving rotor tends to get noticed as well.

You decide to have a mechanic only replace the brake pads. Several weeks later, the brake pedal is pulsing when you come to a stop. Later on, a grinding noise develops when you’re stopping. The mechanic states you probably bought cheap brake pads and that you should pony up for the expensive brand.

Unfortunately, this won’t fix your problem. You need more than brake pads.


Let’s Be Honest: Which Rotor Would You Rather Have On Your Car?

Here are four problems that are not solved by simply changing out the brake pads:

1. Your Car Pulls To One Side When You Hit The Brake Pedal.

2. The Brakes Engage Without Hitting The Pedal.

3. The Brake Pedal Pulses When You Stop.

4. The Pedal Softly Travels To The Floor And The Car Doesn’t Stop.

Why deal with these hassles? Let us do the job completely and you’ll get miles of worry-free stopping.

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