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I love saving money.

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t.

I also enjoy ice cold air in my car on a hot summer day. Nothing is worse than arriving to work drenched in sweat because your car’s A/C stopped working.

Fixing your A/C isn’t difficult. There are several resources online that give you great step-by-step tutorials how to do so.  (Click Here for one.) I’ve recharged dozens of A/C systems in parking lots. Sometimes it turns out to be a quick fix. For those instances, I use A/C Pro by Interdynamics*. I haven’t used anything easier or more effective. It’s also available at any local retailer.

Sometimes it isn’t a quick fix.

There are several factors that can keep your A/C from working that aren’t related to a low charge.

I recently had a customer who was suffering through the summer heat without A/C in his car. Because his job required he spend most of his day in his car, things got worse as the days got hotter. Unfortunately, he didn’t need a simple recharge. He had a malfunctioning A/C Clutch Relay. What made things worse was that someone had opened the relay and used a piece of aluminum foil to jump across the switch in the relay.

Eventually this caused a short in the system which ruined the plug at the A/C clutch as well. It also caused the fuse to pop every time he turned on the A/C. A new relay and a new A/C clutch electrical socket solved his problem. Although his initial thoughts were, “I need to add some refrigerant”, sometimes things aren’t that simple.

Here are 3 reasons why you shouldn’t attempt to fix your car’s air conditioner yourself:

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