Factory Scheduled Maintenance in Merriam, KS

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Let Us Handle Your Factor Scheduled Maintenance

Keeping up with your factory scheduled maintenance will keep your car feeling and performing like new.

But did you know that anyone can take care of your factory scheduled maintenance, not just the dealer?

At Done With Care Auto Repair, we have access to what each manufacturer recommends as maintenance for your new car. Whether you have 1000 miles or you’re about to cross over 36,000 miles, we have you covered. What’s more, we can do all of your factory scheduled maintenance for less than what the dealer charges.


You may be wondering, “what about my warranty?”

Having us do your factory scheduled maintenance does not void your warranty.

We also use parts, lubricants, and chemicals that meet or exceed manufacturer specifications. The use of parts that are not sold through the dealer does not void your warranty either!

All this is covered by the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act and is enforced by the FTC.

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Whether it is oil changes, tire rotations, or multi-point inspections, we can take care of anything and everything your car will need.